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In 1853 was created the county of Bouças, that later became Town of Bouças and where was located the seat of the county. Due to a reorganization, in 1853 was formed the town of Matosinhos, with the parishes of Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira. Given that Matosinhos was already considered as a more important place, on May 6, 1909, the municipality of Matosinhos was created and it’s the one that we see today. It became city in 1984.


The main festival in Matosinhos is called Senhor de Matosinhos and the story behind that is that in the ancient times, an image of Jesus crucified appeard next to the sea, where existis a Memorial Chapel. The image of Jesus is honored at the famous Sanctuary of Senhor de Matosinhos.


There are places to visit for the most varied tastes. Whether for leisure, culture, religious monuments and also for those who like architecture.


We have the Tidal Pool, built in 1960 is a solution for those who want to escape the beaches of Matosinhos. It is a great place where you can enjoy the services of Táxis Matosinhos, so parking the car is no longer a concern. It is a place to visit due to its different concept of leisure and also because it was designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira being that even after 40 years remains a work of insurmountable current times.


For those who like spaces that involve culture at the most varied levels, there is the Municipal Gallery of Matosinhos whose mission is the dissemination, promotion, creation and appreciation of modern and contemporary art, with particular emphasis on Portuguese in its different aspects: design , sculpture, painting, photography and other expressions of fine arts. The Municipal Market of Matosinhos is also a great option because it is among the sellers several stories of their experiences.


Matosinhos also hosts a half-marathon, which is held every year: “ISAG Half Marathon of Matosinhos Sea of Sport”.

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