If you give value to Portuguese gastronomy you have several options but if you prefer other types of cuisines such as biological, Japanese, seafood, Italian, Chinese, among others, it also has its availability in Matosinhos.

The Táxis Matosinhos can get you to know these 10 restaurants with traditional Portuguese gastronomy and other varieties existing in the city of Matosinhos.

“António” is a restaurant where, in fish lands, due attention is paid to the meat. A menu around the traditional Portuguese cuisine, where the kid and octopus baked in the oven, the small pataniscas of cod or the prawn feijoada stand out.

The restaurant “Murais” is a small, cozy and varied menu where the chef combines Portuguese products in modern dishes and many seasonal novelties that arrive in the kitchen and from there go directly to the tables.

“Bô 457” is a variety restaurant in the north-eastern part of the Transmontano region with a well-pronounced pronunciation and a typical passion for food. After booking your table, you can book your trip in Táxis Matosinhos.

One of the new spaces to reach the renovated Matosinhos Market is called “BMacro”. Every day it presents macrobiotic suggestions, vegan and vegetarian, which are accompanied by desserts such as vegetable jellies, pies and cakes and drinks: natural juices and organic wines.

The “Esquina do Avesso” (Reverse Corner) is a great option for those who want some sea food snacks along with vegetables. To go there quickly, safely and comfortably, look for Táxis Matosinhos services.

Marisqueira a antiga

If you prefer a seafood restaurant “A Antiga” is one of the oldest seafood restaurants in the city of Matosinhos, operating since the 1950s. The greatest treasure of any seafood restaurant is the freshness of the product that, in this case, is guaranteed, since the house has its owns vivariums.

As an escape from the variety of fish and traditional food, there is the option “Pizzeria Pulcinella” where traditional Italian pizzas are made. A very sought after location and where you can drive through our services Táxis Matosinhos.

The “Boa Nova Tea House” is a restaurant that has a beautiful history behind it, together with the Tidal Pool was considered the first National Monument built in the city of Matosinhos, and was taken care of by the emblematic Portuguese architect Siza Vieira.

Renowned for the quality and variety of fish and seafood, it adds to the sushi menu, based on the same freshness, flavor and respect for ingredients, and made by experienced sushi.

o arquinho do castelo

In the “O Arquinho do Castelo” (Arch of the Castle), in Leça da Palmeira, there is a sporty atmosphere, on the upper floor, now more sober, at the bottom, where a cupboard full of wine serves as a shelter for the decoration.

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