The City of Matosinhos is a city known for its fishing activity and excellent fish quality. Then get to know the best places that Táxis Matosinhos can give you to know in the City of Matosinhos.

There are places to visit for the most varied tastes. Whether for leisure, culture, religious monuments and also for those who like architecture.

  1. The Tidal Pool, built in 1960 is a solution for those who want to escape the beaches of Matosinhos. It is a great place where you can enjoy the services of Taxis Matosinhos, so parking the car is no longer a concern. It is a place to visit due to its different concept of leisure and also because it was designed by the renowned Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira being that even after 40 years remains a work of insurmountable current times.
  2. As another option is suggested the Carriçal Park configures a type of urban green space similar to an urban forest. In its interior it is to mention the existence of water lines and a lake, a strong increase to the biodiversity in the park. It is a great choice to have contact with nature in an urban environment and, using the services Táxis Matosinhos can ensure that it will meet your destination with the greatest convenience and safety.
  3. For those who like spaces that involve culture at the most varied levels, there is the Municipal Gallery of Matosinhos whose mission is the dissemination, promotion, creation and appreciation of modern and contemporary art, with particular emphasis on Portuguese in its different aspects: design , sculpture, painting, photography and other expressions of fine arts.
  4. As far as religious monuments are concerned, there are several options: the Church of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, which depicts a very interesting story and also where a very important architect was involved in its construction, Nicolau Nassoni.
  5. The Monument to the Lord of the Pattern marks the place where, according to legend, appeared the image of Bom Jesus de Bouças, later known as Lord of Matosinhos. It was a monument of great visual impact until the beginning of the twentieth century. This dome was isolated in the middle of the “Praia do Espinheiro” beach, visible many miles away from both the land and the sea side.
  6. The Fort of Nossa Senhora das Neves is a building with an important history in the defense of our country in the year 1640 after the restoration of independence, being today the seat of captaincy of that port.
  7. The Monastery of Leça do Balio classified as a national monument, is considered one of the best architectural examples in the country.
  8. For those who enjoy contemporary architecture, the City of Matosinhos has many places to visit, as well as: the Port of Leixões Cruise Terminal is a recent place that was developed with the purpose of improving the commercial efficiency of the port, associated with cruise activity, and urban integration, associated with increasing sociability with the surrounding population
  9. The Tea House of Boa Nova is undoubtedly one of the symbols of Leça da Palmeira as one of the landmark buildings of the career of Siza Vieira, a Portuguese architect of international renown.
  10. The Municipal Market of Matosinhos is a building with a modern and differentiating architecture that behind all its history related to the fishing activity and also where it sells the best fish in the surroundings.

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